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E-cigarettes have been marketed as a safer smoking product for quite a while now .Chances are that most people have come across information on the electronic cigarettes in recent times .However ,it is often advisable to do a little more research on any given product . While most people are happy with the Introduction of the e cigarette into the UK market ,some have concerns as to the safety of these products on the human health .More Information on the electronic cigarette will help to clear any doubts / concerns that some of you may have .


The most available info on the electronic cigarettes will tell you that they electronically generate a water based vapour instead of tobacco burning.This info is accurate ,this vapour releasing Cigarette uses a battery to heat up an atomizer,which in turn heats up your e cig’s nicotine solution and turns it in to vapour .You smoke an e cig by inhaling the vapour it produces directly into your lungs and you will get a fix of nicotine ,but will not be exposed to the 4000 + harmful chemicals that are found in tobacco cigarette .The solution that generates the vapour typically contains flavoring, nicotine and propylene glycol ,which is a food additive which can be found in many food and pharmaceutical products and are generally regarded as safe for human consumption by the world health organisations .The e cigarette is an alternative smoking product that allows smokers to keep up with there smoking habit or as an aid to giving up ,this makes it a highly sort after product in the UK market …
Safety Information ……..

WARNINGS .. !!!!

Nicotine is classed as a poison in its pure form, taken in high enough doses, can kill.Toxic if swallowed ,Keep your Electronic Cigarette, cartridges and fluids out of the reach of children and pets.Toxic when in contact with skin. If this should happen, wash immediately with plenty of water.In the event of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water and seek medical advice. Ensure cartridges are always disposed of in a safe way.Some Liquids May Contain Nuts or Sugar .If Pregnant Please consult your Doctor before using.
If You suffer with any health issues Please consult your Doctor .

Further Information

In addition, nicotine is present in some cartridges which can pose some health risks, especially in large doses or to those at a higher risk (young people, pregnant women, those with heart conditions or high blood pressure .) You also may not be able to use certain forms of nicotine if you have medical conditions that could interfere with use such as.. stomach ulcers, asthma, chest pain, High blood pressure ,diabetes ,problems with your liver or kidney’s etc..
If you feel you may fall into anyone of these categories, or are unsure of whether this product is safe for you, please consult your doctor or physician before using ANY nicotine product.


  • Charging batteries via USB – NEVER over-tighten them in the charger
  • Never over-tighten atomisers onto your device.
  • Do Not heat, incinerate or reverse polarity
  • Do not over-charge
  • Always use the correct charger for your Product .
  • Always use the batteries that are recommended for your device .
  • Do Not use unprotected li-ion/ICR batteries
  • Never leave batteries unattended when charging
  • When charging do not leave on a flammable surfaces
  • Always remove batteries from the charger when the light turns green
  • Allow batteries to cool before using
  • Store safely in specially designed battery containers
  • Do Not continue to use a battery if it fails to retain a charge or appears damaged in any way
  • We are not responsible for any damage caused by misuse or mishandling
  • Please dispose of batteries safely and according to regulations

For more information, please download this PDF